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Report: Small Updates #1

Posted by Norbert, 4 weeks agoThu, 29 Jun 2017, 22:26 (0 comments)
As a follow-up to the Current Status of Linux VR article, some small updates on various things. The first step towards WebVR on Linux with Firefox 56 has been made with the RESOLVED FIXED for "Build OpenVR on macOS and Linux" bug #1374393. OpenHMD added experimental VR support for Unity (5.6) on 64-bit Linux via a plug-in: download; tweet, blog. The Unreal issue #55 was closed, and performance should be better with Vulkan driver 381.10.10, which arrived June 27th: download ("Developer Beta" section). CNLohr (libsurvive) got some presents from Valve. See his YouTube video of June 19th; also attached below. It's fun to watch.

If you have any Linux VR news, you're always welcome to login and post an article yourself, or simply contact us. Linux VR news is almost never mainstream and thus easy to miss. I'm frequently surprised to find I missed interesting new developments and releases.
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