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Report: Red Hat Dev Uses Vulkan on Linux for Vive and for DOOM via Wine

Posted by Norbert, 5 months agoWed, 25 Jan 2017, 12:57 (0 comments)
Last week, on Thursday 19 January, Red Hat developer David Airlie (LiveJournal, GitHub) gave a talk at linux.conf.au 2017, about "The Vulkan Graphics API - what it means for Linux". His talk was roughly about what Vulkan is, he compared Vulkan and OpenGL, and discussed the status of the Linux Vulkan drivers.

Two excerpts from the recording. One at 39:07:

David AirlieSo, what can I run on this? As I said, Talos Principle, Dota 2, DOOM [via Wine]. That's pretty much it. And a few demos. But there's more games. Game engines that are moving, Unity 3D is out, it - it's got - we run its demos pretty well. And you can also soon, hopefully, cross my fingers, I don't have any dates for this, but... we'll be running this. [Shows Vive.] Because I got one. [Audience laughs.] Valve were kind enough to ship me one. I have been advising on what we need to get done for this to work. [...] One of the guys from Valve built his system using my driver, [...]

Yes, DOOM, the 2016 video game. Via Wine, with RADV (source, source), which was merged into mainline Mesa last October.

One at 40:25:

David AirlieSteamVR stuff is a Vulkan based rendering. So, this is what will be happening in the future. [...] Vulkan needs some extensions, it needs some work to get this working, but we have implemented it. Last week, apparently, they have the Dota 2 viewer maybe running inside.

The "Dota 2 viewer" is probably the Dota VR Hub. On the one hand, this sounds promising. On the other, if Valve got this to work on Linux "last week", we may still be many months away from seeing general SteamVR support for Linux.
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