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Site News: Moving to User-Submitted Articles Only

Posted by Norbert, 5 months agoTue, 28 Feb 2017, 03:02 (1 comment)
A little over 10 months ago, in April 2016, this website was launched. At the time, I wrote:

NorbertReviews, interviews, speculation; anything related to using virtual reality on Linux, that's what you will find here.

I've written about 60 articles for this website, and I've learned and noticed several things along the way. Including:
  • I didn't expect Phoronix to cover so many Linux VR related topics.
  • I didn't expect GamingOnLinux to cover general Linux VR topics.
  • I expected more user submissions. (Three people each submitted one article. I am, of course, grateful for their contributions.)

I never expected to end up in a position of being a lonesome editor trying to keep up with websites whose owners' full-time job is scouring the web for news. What I want(ed) to provide is an ad-free place for Linux VR users to publish writings. Similar to Medium, but centered around Linux VR. Of course, this website's custom content management system is still basic, and its features very limited compared to Medium's.

Anyway, I will keep hosting this website, but won't write any more articles. Other than, maybe, an occasional VR game review or opinion piece on Linux VR. What you will find here are user-submitted articles only. I'm aware this might mean no other articles will ever appear on this website. We'll see. Face-wink
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anchor Comment by psymin, 5 months agoTue, 28 Feb 2017, 16:08
Thank you norbert, I appreciate the work you've done :)
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