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Report: Graffiti Simulator Will Run on Linux

Posted by Norbert, 1 year and 1 month agoSat, 14 May 2016, 14:45 (0 comments)
As reported by VR World, virtual reality game Graffiti Simulator will run on Linux:

VR WorldAvailable on Apple’s Mac OS, Linux and Microsoft Windows, we’re quite certain we’ll start to see hundreds if not thousands of videos and images of amazing graffiti being created in a virtual world.

Linux is also mentioned in an on-topic article at Gadgette, and on the game's official website. A closed beta will start soon:

KingsprayIt’s currently still in development, we plan on releasing a closed beta early next week (16th May) for the HTC Vive VR. Once we have ironed out any remaining issues it will be available on the Steam store. We will be posting this out once it’s available.

Some of the game's features are: various spray can colors and outlines, surfaces with drips, being able to rewind and watch back creations, and the option to post creations to the Graffiti Simulator gallery.
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