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Report: Croteam Ready with Serious Sam VR When SteamVR for Linux Arrives

Posted by Norbert, 6 months agoTue, 31 Jan 2017, 18:21 (0 comments)
A couple of weeks ago, Serious Sam VR depots for Linux showed up on SteamDB.
I've contacted Croteam to ask how the Linux port is coming along.
Alen Ladavac (@alenl), Croteam's chief technology officer (CTO), replied to my questions.

About the port:

Alen LadavacWe have some tests that work, and that we will have a build ready as soon as SteamVR is publicly available. I have to put up front a disclaimer that performance will be dependent on Vulkan performance, which may depend on hardware, driver and distribution used. You can get an estimate of how that works on a particular system if you check our Vulkan beta builds for Linux in The Talos Principle.

About using VR on Linux:

Alen LadavacPersonally, I'm excited to see that the progress on that front is coming up nicely, since I see Linux+Vulkan+VR as a great combination for living-room gaming in the (hopefully near) future.

OpenVR SDK 1.0.6 was released today.
It includes changes related to OS X IOSurfaces.
I asked Ladavac about VR on OS X.

Alen LadavacNot sure. Performance is a huge problem on OSX even without VR - mostly due to hardware configurations used. But if there will be changes in that respect, it's of course doable.

Valve's Joe Ludwig said about SteamVR, in mid-October, during the Steam Dev Days, that they "hope to get support for [OS X and Linux] into a beta in the next few months".
January is about to end, so Vive owners might be able to try Serious Sam VR on Linux soon.
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